Mystery Guest


We're proud to welcome to The Reunion 2024...a new guest! Who is it? Well, you're gonna have to buy a ticket and follow your "heart map" to Florida on July 13 & 14 to find out!

Anyone that bought a ticket to the convention already, or buys one during our promotion until 6/14, will receive a voucher at the event good for (1) free autograph or selfie photo!

  • You can also buy additional autographs or selfies at the guest's table.
  • Our mystery guest will be available both days for autographs & selfies!
  • You will receive your free voucher when you pick up your admission badges or check-in at the event (if applicable).
  • the MYSTERY GUEST'S identity will only be revealed in person at the event!

Guest Availability

This guest will be available both SATURDAY and SUNDAY for autographs and selfie photos from 10 am - 6 pm.

Please note that each guest will occasionally have to leave their table for short breaks and to attend Q & A Panels, but you can choose to stay in line until they get back so you don't lose your place.