Seriously Good Chili Cookbook!

Brian Baumgartner's character Kevin Malone became a household name in the Emmy-winning TV series, The Office. In real life, Brian is a true chili master and aficionado who is just as serious as his fictional counterpart about making the most perfect pot of chili!

  • Brian Baumgartner's first cookbook about his all-time favorite food both on- and off-screen — chili
  • 177 chili recipes from restaurant owners, chefs, chili cook-off winners, Brian Baumgartner himself, his dedicated fans, and more
  • Spiral binding lays flat for ease of use in the kitchen
  • Different styles, inventive methods to cook chili, and influences including classic, contemporary, regional, and international recipes
  • QR codes to exclusive step-by-step cooking video tutorials, overviews for each chili style, what makes them unique, and chili secrets, tips, and tricks
  • Introduction by Brian with a behind-the-scenes look at the infamous chili scene that made him a chili icon, plus his devoted passion for this classic comfort food and its rich history
  • Foreword by Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner's fellow co-star on The Office