Melora Hardin Passes


We're proud to welcome for the first time ever, Melora Hardin, to The Reunion! Here you can pre-purchase autographs & photos with our guests that you can redeem at our event at each actor's table. 

Helpful Tips:

-  Each guest will have free 8x10 photos at their table that you can get signed, or you can bring your own item! You can also purchase items at the event, there will be lots of cool posters, Funko Pops, and other collectibles you can buy to get signed by the cast!

- "Selfie Photos" are photos we take with your own phone/camera. If you are taking one photo with your friends or family, there is no extra charge! So if mom & dad want to be in the pic too, its still just one price for one photo.

- Our events have thousands of attendees, and the lines for some of the actors can get pretty long, so we suggest you get the autographs you want most out of the way first! We know there is a lot to see and many guests to meet, but unless you come for both days it's difficult to meet everyone and also experience all the other fun the convention has to offer.

*Please note the ticket price above now includes all taxes & fees.