Autographs & Selfies

Bring your own items, buy some at the event or grab some free 8x10's at the show and have fun building your Office Autograph collection! You can also take photos at the same time using your camera, and special limited professional Photo Op Bookings will be available closer to the event!

All guests will be available both SATURDAY and SUNDAY for autographs and selfie photos, from 10 am - 6 pm.

click on any image for more info & helpful tips for convention attendees! 


Get On-Site JSA Authentication!

For just $10 each*, you can have all of your event- autographed items authenticated with unique stickers & certification cards at the event! You can even bring items from home that are already signed and have them certified too!

You can JSA any items, not just
"The Office" Autographs!

Each item will be individually stickered and given a matching cert card!

Enjoy our exclusive event pricing at
just $10* per autograph!

*This exclusive $10 pricing applies only to items you have signed at "The Reunion: Miami" event. You can still have other autographs authenticated also at affordable prices, please visit the JSA website here for regular submission rates: